Are you a traveling PPC Manager on the go? If so this article will help you stay safe along your travels.

In 1939, the limousine was the first vehicle to be equipped with air conditioning.

The world of travel has come a long way since then. Now, besides traveling comfortably on the road and through the air, we often make these transportation vehicles our mobile workplaces.

Corporate sedan services are just one way to get around to meetings and conferences. Along the way, you’ll probably be traveling by plane and relying on in-flight and airport WiFi to get work done on the go.

Unfortunately, these free networks never have the highest security insfrastrucure or rating, and using one could put sensitive company information at risk. To minimize these dangers, keep the following tips in mind when you’re taking work with you on the go — whether through corporate sedan services or through the air.

Use Strong Passwords and Multi-Factor Authentication

This one may seem obvious, which is why it’s going on the list first. Enabling multi-factor authentication software is advice that’s repeated frequently, but many people still forget to set it up. It’s one of the simplest ways to prevent anyone from accessing your files, should your device ever be stolen or lost.

Additionally, you should set up strong passwords on all of your devices and online accounts. A good password should have at least 12 characters, including a mix of symbols, numbers, and different cases.

You may want to consider using a password manager. These will not only keep track of your passwords, but alert you if a password is too weak, and prevent you from using the same password twice.

Think About Data Security Before Every Trip

As soon as you book that flight or hire corporate sedan services, the next item on your agenda should be to make sure your data and devices are ready for a safe trip.

You can’t be sure that a device won’t be lost or stolen during a trip, and it’s not uncommon for airport security to request access to passengers’ computers as they board a plane.

To make sure there’s nothing there that could cause your company’s security to be compromised, go through your files before a trip and move everything off your device that you don’t have to bring with you. Upload everything to a secure server, offload it to an office computer, or delete it altogether if you no longer need it. If you have to bring sensitive files with you on your device, put the files into password-protected, encrypted folders.

Be Wary of Public Networks

Anytime you connect to public WiFi, your device is instantly at risk. It’s easy for strangers to connect to the network with you and capture information from your device. This includes airlines.

Sometimes, though, you don’t have any choice but rely on a public network. To minimize your risk, keep a VPN active on your device at all times. If you aren’t using a VPN, at least avoid logging into financial accounts while on public WiFi.

Connecting to a rental car service’s CarPlay or Android Auto interface could also put you at risk, so avoid using it in rented cars.

Utilize Secure Digital Workplaces

Many offices now simplify security by using digital workplaces that can be accessed from any PC. These systems rely on cloud computing and well-protected PCs. Digital workplace services used to be more complicated and unreliable than they are now, but with recent improvements, they’ve become increasingly popular among corporate offices.

Using a digital workplace, you can access your files and sensitive information from anywhere in the world. The connection is automatically encrypted, so even if you forget to turn on your VPN, you’ll still be protected on public WiFi.

From executive transportation services to coffee shop WiFi, these tips and best practices will keep your data — and your company — safe on the go. The next time you need to travel to a meeting or conference, whether by plane or corporate sedan services, refer to this list to make sure you and your data are both traveling safely.

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