Pay-per-click (PPC) campaign strategies are effective for home builders to generate leads. PPC campaigns allow for measurable progress, intersect well with various channels, and give you complete control of your campaign. This is one of the best ways to increase conversions in the real estate industry, however, it can be challenging. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. The following strategies are great ways to begin optimizing your PPC campaigns.

1. Use Location Extensions

Location extensions allow you to add location-based information for your business that appears next to website text in search engine results. Location extensions display this information at the top of a search engine results page, often alongside competitors. If you have an account with the Google Ads platform, then you are qualified to add a location extension. Extension information often includes: 

  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Map Marker
  • Directions/Distance

Location extensions offer several benefits:

Web and Call Tracking Analytics
Location extensions allow you to track where your leads are coming from, and which methods (phone, landing pages, etc…) are generating the most leads. This is beneficial because it can help you better understand what pieces of your marketing efforts need improvement. Location extensions can help you determine which changes to make so that you can keep up with the ongoing changes of digital marketing.

User Experience
People want the information they need at their fingertips as fast as possible. Location extensions provide this. Instead of going to a website and clicking on multiple pages before finding the information they need, location extensions provide this information at the top of a search results page. This gives the user a better experience and often causes them to develop more positive feelings towards your business. 

Search Engine Optimization
Google appreciates businesses that use location extensions. Providing your information will help increase your page ranking in search engine results. Additionally, it will help you gain more qualified traffic. Users often search for products or services “near me”.  Supplying your address via location extensions will ensure that your business shows up in results pages for nearby users. Using location extensions are an easy way to ensure that you are not only getting qualified traffic, but that you are accessible to that traffic as well. 

Below is an example of businesses who use location extensions: 

2. Consider Remarketing

Remarketing is when consumers are targeted based on their previous digital actions. For example, if a potential buyer visited your website and clicked on the “Contact Us” tab, but left the page before filling out a comment form, they can be targeted for related ads in the following days. This method is proven to improve brand recall which often leads to increased conversions.

3. Optimize Your Website

Make your website user friendly on mobile devices. PPC ads should take users to landing pages that are set up for both mobile and desktop users. Mobile-friendly websites should load quickly and be easy to read on a small screen. 

Another way to optimize your website is by creating different landing pages. All of your PPC ads play different roles. Some ads target people who are ready to sign a contract tomorrow. Other ads target potential buyers who are still unsure if they’re ready to take the first few steps. Each ad should have a corresponding landing page. For example, if an ad targets consumers who are unsure about their home-buying process, their landing page should ease their concerns. This could be an FAQ page or a registration form for more information. Tailoring landing pages to consumers’ needs provides a personalized and enjoyable user experience. 

4. Specify Location

Home builders exist all over the world. If you were to type “good custom home builders” into a search engine, it is unlikely that your results would be tailored to the location in which you’re hoping to sell. Add a location to your keywords to ensure that your business appears in the search results for people in your target area. For example, in the search “good custom home builders near Washington, DC”, Washington, DC narrows the generic search. Choose a densely populated location so that you can reach a larger number of potential buyers. 

When choosing a location, do some research. Find out what location your competitors use when marketing. Discover what locations your potential buyers often type into the search bar. Choose a destination that best fits your company. If you build farmhouses and cottages select a location that is more rural.

Simply adding a location to your keywords can help you make sure that you are reaching your target market and getting traffic with real client potential.

5. Select Keywords Wisely

Bidding on keywords is like shopping. You have to walk around the store before you find the best deals. For cost-efficiency, choose keywords that differ from your competitors’, yet have a high search volume. In some cases, long-tail keywords are the best for cost-efficiency. Although long-tail keywords are more specific, people using them are more likely to be qualified traffic. 

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